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Brassica Carinata, Abyssinian Cabbage, Texsel Greens


A fairly hardy, flavoursome, nutritious greens type originating from Ethiopian Mustard. Fast growing and popular for salad leaves if cut young and tender. Texsel is particularly adapted to temperate climates.

Cultivated for its edible leaves in some areas, plants that are given some protection from the cold can supply edible leaves all through the winter.

Succeeds in full sun in a well-drained fertile preferably alkaline soil. Succeeds in any reasonable soil.

Sow in situ in succession from March to early September. The seed can also be sown under cloches in February when it will yield a crop in May.

Edible uses
Leaves and young stems - raw or cooked. Used when up to 30cm tall. A mild and pleasant cabbage flavour, the young growth can be cut finely and used in mixed salads, whilst older leaves are cooked like cabbage leaves.
Immature flowering stems - cooked. Used like broccoli, they make a nice vegetable. An edible oil is obtained from the seed. Oil from the wild species is high in erucic acid, which is toxic, though there are some cultivars that contain very little erucic acid and can be used as food.

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