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Tagetes tenuifolia, Lemon Marigold - Lemon Gem

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Hundreds of small lemon yellow flowers covering neat, low mounds of lacy foliage.  Long-blooming for beds, borders, and containers, with a lemony scent.

The bruised foliage is perhaps more refreshingly aromatic than any other plant. The lemon verbena-like smell remaining on the fingers for an hour or more after touching the plant. Removing dead flowers before the seed is formed will extend the flowering season.

Grows well with tomatoes.

Secretions from the roots of growing plants have an insecticidal effect on the soil, effective against nematodes and to some extent against keeled slugs, they also have an effect against some persistent weeds such as couch grass. The plant also has an effect on asparagus beetle and bean weevils. These secretions are produced about 3 - 4 months after sowing. A yellow dye is obtained from the flowers.

Edible uses

The flowers have a pleasant citrus-like flavour and can be used sparingly as a flavouring in salads, sandwiches, wines etc or used as a garnish.


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