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Seeds for Sprouting - Sunflower Seeds (Black)


Sprouted seeds can add valuable nutrients to your diet. Sprouted sunflowers are an excellent source of phosphorous, calcium and magnesium, and make a tasty & crispy addition to salads & sandwiches.

Soak a small amount of seed everyday, for 4-8 hours, to provide a continuous supply of sprouts. Rinse & drain in clean water every day, keeping the seeds moist with fresh clean water. Sprouting containers can be purchased, or pretty much any container, such as jam jars can be used. A small tray or punnet lined with kitchen paper may be the best approach with sunflower seeds, harvesting with scissors.

Excluding light, until the seeds start to sprout, can help with germination. 

Sunflower sprouts are ready to harvest once the husks have fallen away, and the first leaves have formed, typically 4-6 days from soaking. Rinse and shake dry your cut sprouts, and store excess in a sealed bag or container in the fridge.

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