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Lycopersicon esculentum, Tomato - Alicante


Alicante is an early Moneymaker type tomato. Early cropper with smooth skinned, fleshy round red fruits. Suitable for cold glasshouse or outdoor crop. Indeterminate. 70-90g fruits.

Requires a rich well-drained soil in a warm sunny position.

Tomato plants are not frost-tolerant and generally need to be started off in a greenhouse in the spring if they are to succeed outdoors in Britain. They also need a hot sunny summer if they are to fruit well.

Tomatoes grow well with asparagus, parsley, brassicas and stinging nettles. They are also a good companion for gooseberries, helping to keep them free of insect pests. They dislike growing near fennel, kohl-rabi, potatoes and brassicas (this is not a typing error, merely a difference of opinion between different books).

Edible uses

The fruit of the tomato plant is a very popular and much used fruit, both fresh and cooked. It can be used as a savoury vegetable or flavouring in cooked foods, or can be eaten out of hand as a dessert fruit. It is much used in salads and as a flavouring in soups and other cooked foods. The fruit can also be dried and ground into a powder that can be used as a flavouring and thickening agent in soups, breads, pancakes etc. It is used in salads.
An edible oil, suitable for culinary purposes, is obtained from the seed. The seeds are copious per fruit but small, and a significant quantity would be needed to produce oil in usable quantities.

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