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Polemonium caeruleum album, Jacobs Ladder. Greek Valerian - White

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A very easily grown plant, it prefers a moist well-drained fertile soil in sun or semi-shade. Dislikes damp or heavy soils, though it tolerates alkaline conditions.

Hardy to at least -20°c. A polymorphic species, there are several sub-species and many named forms. Plants are fairly short-lived in cultivation unless they are divided regularly and moved to fresh soil. They can self-sow to the point of nuisance, however and will also survive when growing in lush grass.

The herb was formerly used internally in the treatment of a wide range of conditions ranging from headaches to fevers and epilepsy. The plant is harvested in the summer and dried for later use.

Cats are strongly attracted by the smell of this plant and will frequently roll on it and injure it.


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