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Lobularia maritima, Sweet Alyssum

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A very ornamental plant. This species usually self-sows in the garden if growing in a good position. A fast-growing plant.

Alyssum begins to bloom in spring and its fragrant blooms appear all summer and fall until first frost attracting bees and butterflies.

A good bee and butterfly plant.

The plant is commonly used in Spain as an antiscorbutic and diuretic. It is also highly esteemed there as an astringent in the treatment of gonorrhoea.

Although a short-lived perennial, it soon loses its compact habit if grown for more than one year and so is usually grown as an annual plant in gardens.

Succeeds in an ordinary garden soil in a sunny position. Succeeds in sandy soils. Grows well on dry walls. Tolerates maritime conditions.

It can be sown in situ during mid to late spring and should germinate within 2 weeks. Seedlings can be transplanted. In order to obtain an earlier display of the flowers, the seed can be sown in a greenhouse in late winter. When large enough to handle, the seedlings are pricked out into individual pots and are then planted out in late spring.

Edible uses

The young leaves, stems and flowers are sometimes used as a flavouring in salads and other dishes where pungency is required.


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