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Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet Pea - Mammoth, mixed


Mammoth Sweet Pea is a tall variety producing large scented flowers, with long stems. Early to flower.

A very ornamental plant, the sweet pea is often cultivated for its sweet smelling flowers. Plants climb by means of tendrils.

An essential oil obtained from the flowers is used in perfumery.

An easily grown plant, succeeding in any moderately good well-drained garden soil, whether acid or alkaline. Prefers a position in full sun but it also does well in partial shade.

Pre-soak the seed for 24 hours in warm water and then sow in early spring in a cold frame. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and plant them out in the summer. If you have sufficient seed, then it can be sown in situ in mid spring. The seed can also be sown in situ in the autumn.

This species has a symbiotic relationship with certain soil bacteria, these bacteria form nodules on the roots and fix atmospheric nitrogen. Some of this nitrogen is utilized by the growing plant but some can also be used by other plants growing nearby.


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