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Daucus carota, Wild Carrot


Noted for attracting wildlife, Wild Carrot is frost-tender biennial. 

This species is the parent of the cultivated carrot. It can act as an alternative host for pests and diseases of the cultivated carrots.

A good plant for the summer meadow, it is a food plant for caterpillars of the Swallow-tail Butterfly. Attracts butterflies.

Suitable for cut flowers.

The whole plant, when bruised, gives off an aniseed-like scent. It has many herbal uses.

Prefers a sunny position and a well-drained neutral to alkaline soil.

Sow August/September or April in situ. The seed germinates better if it is given a period of cold stratification.

Edible uses:

The flower clusters can be french-fried to produce a carrot-flavoured gourmet's delight.

The root, though thin & stringy, can be roasted.

Aromatic seeds can be used to flavour stews etc.


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