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Chrysanthemum Coronarium, Chop Suey Greens - Green Shungiku


This edible chrysanthemum has a distinctive tangy flavour, and deserves to be more popular. Young leaves can be eaten raw or steamed, their flavour becomes stronger as the plant matures. The crop is undemanding.

Possibly a good companion plant, protecting neighbouring plants from caterpillars etc. There is a report that secretions from the roots can be effective in controlling nematodes in the soil, but this has not been substantiated.

Succeeds in ordinary garden soil, but it prefers a well-drained fertile soil in full sun. It will tolerate light shade in the summer.

Surface-sow in spring to early autumn in situ. The seed usually germinates within 10 - 18 days at 15°c. Successional sowings can be made at intervals of a few weeks in order to ensure a constant supply of young plants.

Autumn sowings succeed in mild areas. An autumn sowing under cover will often supply leaves all winter.

It takes 4 - 5 weeks from sowing the seed to the first harvest when plants are grown on the cut and come again principle.

Plants often self-sow when they are well-sited and the soil is disturbed by hoeing etc.

Edible uses

Young shoots and stems - raw or cooked. Strongly aromatic.
Flowers - raw. Blanched briefly and added to salads. The centre of the flower is bitter so only the petals are normally used.


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