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Celeriac, Apium Graveolens Rapaceum, Giant Prague


Popular traditional variety, well shaped relatively smooth skin, and good plant vigour, suited to fresh market and storage.

Celeriac is a form of A. graveolens that has been selected for its enlarged edible root. It is occasionally cultivated commercially but more often in the garden or allotment.

Prefers a rich moist soil and an open sunny situation. Requires abundant moisture in the growing season otherwise the root will be small and tough.

Tolerates a pH in the range 5.2 to 8.3.

The root is hardy to about -12°c and can be left in the ground over winter, to be harvested as required. Roots can also be stored in boxes of sand or other such material in a cool dry shed.

A good companion plant for leeks, tomatoes, French beans and brassicas.

Edible uses
Leaves - used as a flavouring in soups etc. They can be eaten raw but have a very strong flavour.
Seed - a flavouring. An essential oil from the seed is also used as a flavouring.
Root - raw or cooked. It can be grated and added to salads, baked or added to soups, stews etc.

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