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Campanula Carpatica, Tussock Bellflower - Blue


A very free-flowering plant, it has one of the longest flowering periods of any species in this genus. If the plant is cut back as the flowers fade, it will usually produce a second flush of flowers later in the season. 

Prefers a moist but well-drained rich sandy loam and a neutral or alkaline soil in a sunny position though it also tolerates partial shade. A very easy species to grow, it will tolerate almost any soil or situation though it prefers the fullest amount of sun. Plants grow well on a sunny wall so long as the roots have soil to grow into.

The plants are self-fertile. A very variable species in the wild. Plants are hardy to at least -15°c.

Edible uses
Leaves - raw or cooked. A pleasant flavour, they are slightly sweet but a little bit chewy when eaten raw. 
Flowers - raw or cooked. Slightly sweet, they make a pleasant and decorative addition to salads.

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