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Brassica Oleracea capitata, Cabbage - Golden Acre (Primo)


Golden Acre is a Primo round early summer cabbage.

Cabbages are good companions for dill, camomile, sage, wormwood, mint and other aromatic plants which help to reduce insect predations on the cabbages. Cabbages also grow well with potatoes and beet. They grow badly with strawberries, tomatoes and climbing beans.

Succeeds in full sun in a well-drained fertile preferably alkaline soil. Prefers a heavy soil and a cool moist climate. Succeeds in any reasonable soil. Succeeds in maritime gardens.

Edible uses

Leaves - raw or cooked. Cabbages are generally used as a cooked vegetable, though the shredded leaves can also be eaten in salads. Dutch cabbages are generally sweeter and milder in flavour making them more suitable for raw eating. Those leaves in the heart of the plants are more tender than outside leaves and so are also more suitable for eating raw. These heart leaves, though, are less nutritious because they have been excluded from the light. Many people find that the raw leaves give them indigestion. The leaves can be fermented and made into sauerkraut, used as a health food and said to be good for the digestive system.

Seeds - sprouted and added to salads. Very good eating.


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