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Atriplex Halimus, Saltbush, Sea Orach

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Edible leaves with a pleasant salty taste, used like spinach. A hedge plant that can be used to salt food.

This shrub can be grown as a hedge, tolerating pruning well, and is tolerant of windy coastal conditions.

Leaves can be harvested all year round, making a great food forest plant.

Hardy to USDA zone 8, and very drought tolerant.

The plant makes a superb wind-resistant low-growing hedge that can be allowed to grow untrimmed or can be trimmed.

It is especially valuable in maritime areas, succeeding right on the coast, though can also be used inland. The plant is extremely tolerant of pruning and can regrow even when cut back into old wood.

An easily grown plant, it succeeds in full sun in any well-drained but not too fertile soil.

Tolerates saline and very alkaline soils. Succeeds in dry soils including pure sands.

Plants will grow in semi-shade, though they will soon become leggy in such a position, they are really best in full sun.

A very wind hardy plant, it is resistant to salt-laden gales, and can be used as a hedge in maritime areas. 

Plants can be damaged by severe frosts but they soon recover.

Resents root disturbance when large.

Plants are apt to succumb to winter wet when grown on heavy or rich soils.

Sow April/May in a cold frame in a compost of peat and sand.

The seed usually germinates in 1 - 3 weeks at 13°c.

Pot up the seedlings when still small into individual pots, grow on in a greenhouse for the first winter and plant out in late spring or early summer after the last expected frosts.

Edible uses

A famine food according to one report, but has been found to be a very useful plant in forest gardens.

The leaves can be used at any time of the year though winter harvesting must be light because the plant is not growing much at this time.


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