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It is becoming increasingly important for us to grow our food locally and sustainably.

Creating a food forest, or simply acquiring a diverse range of plants for your garden or allotment, can be an expensive undertaking. I created H&P in 2013, with the aim of making as many species and cultivars available at the lowest possible prices, to save you money.

Specialising in small packs of edible species, proceeds from sales are constantly reinvested into new stock. I have no premises or staff, no shareholders, few overheads, aside from my own basic wage. Everything goes back into expanding the selection of quality seeds available here at affordable prices. Every purchase helps me acquire more interesting food plant seeds, for sale here.

In 2016 I plan to grow young plants for sale, alongside my diverse range of seeds, building on my reputation for good quality & decent prices.

Thank you for your business, directly supporting my hard work & vision.

Andy Hill,  Heirloom & Perennial Ltd, co. ltd (registered in england, no. 08634567)





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